Between us we have over 50 years of experience in rabbit and rat control. We are a family group that enjoy providing a fantastic service to farmers free of charge.

We have owned and worked Plummer Terriers on rats for the past 10 years, travelling across the country with our small pack accounting for thousands of rats. We have worked on a variety of farms including chicken farms, pig farms, dairy farms and even working maize fields on game shoots.

We specialise in free range style chicken sheds when they are emptied and pulled out to be cleaned. Before the shed is moved we surround it with netting to minimise escapees. We then surround it with the dogs to catch any rats that try to escape and then dig through the muck to kill the rats living within. This prevents the rats escaping then re-entering the shed when the next batch of chickens are in.

We also attend dairy farms on a regular basis to keep numbers under control. This is a process of flushing the rats from the holes to the dogs. We also often hunt the rats in the dark with torches and catch them out in the open when they are out looking for food.

A good job well done removing rats from a chicken farm.
Our first 2 Plummer Terriers, Thorn and Merlin.

We have all been ferreting for rabbits from a very young age and continue to do so every week throughout the winter months. This traditional method is extremely effective and gives immediate results by targeting the source of the problem. We ferret hedgerows and woodland where the rabbits live and bolt them into nets. This is a much safer way than shooting them at night. 


Although our service is free, we aim to provide a professional one that is second to none (although we can get excited at times!). We truly believe our technique is much more effective than those provided by large companies for hundreds of pounds; particularly where rats are concerned. Discretion is always assured.