The Severn Valley Ratters provide a FREE, professional pest control service.

End of da picture at the chicken farm.
End of day picture, hedgerow ferreting.


We offer a fast and highly effective service for the control of rats and rabbits on your farm.  We are based in the West Midlands and specialise in tackling infestations of rats on chicken, pig and dairy farms. Our service is free, reducing the amount you will need to spend on poison that rats  are becoming immune to.


We use a small pack of well trained Plummer Terriers. This particular breed are the ultimate ratting dogs, it is what they were originally bred to do. They provide an instant solution to your problem by swiftly sniffing out and dispatching any rat they come across.

We use a variety of techniques along side the terriers including smokers, ferrets, digging and movement of hay bales or chicken sheds.

Additionally, we use the traditional method of 'Ferreting' to bring rabbit numbers under control. This incorporates the use of ferrets and nets to capture and dispatch rabbits. We can target particular fields that the rabbits are damaging and dramatically reduce numbers very quickly. 

We always set out to kill every rat and/or rabbit we can find to ensure that they do not return to your farm to continue breeding and give you another problem.